Welcome to our school 


You are interested in De Talisman primary schoolWe are very pleased you are, and our school will do all it can to ensure your child has a fantastic time hereWe do this with a team of enthusiastic teacherssupervisors and of course with a good programme that, in addition to modern result-focused education, also has plenty of space for creativity, exercise and fun 

We want to prepare pupils for a future where a basic knowledge of arithmetic and language as well as skills such as collaborationproblem-solving attitude and ICT literacy are essential. We want your child to learn every day and enjoy attending school. 


Registering new pupils 


If you are considering De Talisman primary school for your childwe invite you to visit our school. In a private meeting we would be pleased to explain our ideas and vision of good education 
And we would be more than pleased for you to experience the atmosphere that makes our school so specialThis will allow you to experience what a wonderful time your child will have at our school 
If you would like to make an appointmentplease contact: 

Angelique Lenders 

Email:  a.lenders@skpo.nl 

Tel: 040 2112316 


Practical information for parents 


School times for the groups 1 to 8  

mornings  8:30  12:00 hours  

afternoons 13:00  15:00 hours  

Wednesday  8:30  12:30 hours  


Absence through illness: Is your child too unwell to attend schoolPlease call 040-2112316 


QuestionsYou can approach your child’s teacher or the management 


Group 1 to 4 Angelique Lendersdeputy lower primary a.lenders@skpo.nl 

Director Lianne Hendrikx, l.hendrikx@skpo.nl 


You are more than welcome to contact us.